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The interior design will be the value as well as class, lifestyle of the owner. It is not only a common living place for family members. It is also where the desire to be returned after hours or storage of beautiful memories. You know, the design is always a factor in determining the living space of the house, convenience, comfort or the impression of the owner’s lifestyle.

Johnny Decor specializes in the high-class interior apartment designing & construction in HCMC. We wish to bring as well as commitment to design & most pleased construction for customers. 

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Benefits when choosing Johnny Decor to design & construct for the interior apartment

Johnny Decor designs beautiful, high-quality apartments according to your personality and style. Make your dream home – Come to Johnny Decor now. Our attentive & professionalism always helps you to be satisfied. Here are the benefits you will pick up the Johnny Decor design for your apartment/house. 

What to get when choosing Johnny Decor?

  • The construction quotation is appropriate according to your budget.
  • Optimize the functionality of the entire house.
  • Standard design upon request. We design and execute your apartment in the shortest time
  • Allocate reasonable functional spaces by integrating multiple functions in one space. Bring the owner a comfortable living space, aesthetic and comfort.
  • The perfect interior finishing quality is like a 3D design.
  • Attentive and dedicated warranty service.
  • Commit to the quality of construction, material origin, furniture


The company Johnny Decor is committed to the absolute PRESTIGE & QUALITY with each project designed by our construction. Whatever style or design you want to pursue, we always offer the best and most suitable choices for you. So afraid to not pick Johnny Decor to live with your dream house.

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Johnny Decor always has the principles when designing & constructing for the all-in interior apartment   

For designing and executing professional interiors, Johnny Decor has our own principles. The general purpose is to bring apartment designs to meet all requirements of guests: lifestyle, suit with money and expectations of customers. Do not let you wait any longer, join us to learn the principles immediately

Principles when designing interior construction:

  • Always listen: Johnny Decor always listen, receive comments, requests and understand your wishes. It aims to design ideas for beautiful apartment, meeting all the needs.
  • Accompanying with customers during the concept of design and construction of interior apartment or town house. Your project is the success of Johnny Decor! Building a home for you is also to build credibility & trust us.
  • Consulting professional design, thoughtful: Everyone wishes and uses beautiful apartment, maximum capacity but also present the class and lifestyle. Johnny Decor with experienced design professionals helps you have the most optimal solutions.
  • High quality-good service: The house is not only the place but also the place for many values not thought. Which is the class, lifestyle or storage that covers beautiful memories, sticking people together. The selection of the company specializes in designing construction furniture quality always bring satisfaction to customers. So, Johnny Decor has good service and commitment to high quality for each of our works.

Criteria for evaluation of the design quality of interior construction?

How to know the quality of interior construction company with prestige?

What criteria do you evaluate for the design of professional furniture?

Are you looking for and choosing the best interior design and construction for your apartment!?


How to evaluate the quality of interior design?

Understand the concerns of customers before finding out where the professional interior design and quality construction. Johnny Decor offers the following criteria to easily assess the quality of interior design and construction services. And if you have a need, don’t forget to choose us. By at the Johnny Decor Company, you will always appreciate the quality as well as peace of mind when placing trust in us. The assessment criteria below was collected by Johnny Decor from many sources. And that is also the experience of experts in the field of design & top interior construction in Vietnam.

thiết kế đương đại tại căn hộ Saigon Royal


Use of the house is always the top criterion for quality evaluation at Johnny Decor. The interior placement of reasonable science is the leading factor to make the space more convenient and comfortable for users. Not only does the room look wider but also the subtle home architect for the apartment or house of the owner. Moreover, when working with Johnny Decor, our designers will thoroughly discuss the plan. And discuss with you to offer the most optimal and appropriate approach.


Aesthetic is the factor that determines the behavior of the customer to make or change the design. Because everyone loves beauty, natural beauty is more popular, so the room with the “dream” of the home-is reflected in the design drawings. Harmonious aesthetics are reflected in each design line with the combination of tones for the room. Depending on the pursuit style of the home: Classical or modern, semi-classical or contemporary, Indochine or eclectic,… Each design has its own beauty as well as showing the caste of the host through the interior of the house. Yes as the apartment, the landlord just Beautiful is to be! 

You see your home is as beautiful as the house. Already own the dream home! 

If you’re not afraid-let Johnny Decor help you make them. Want to house beautiful house, come to Johnny Decor to implement your dream home.

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The house is beautiful not only the harmony of color, but also the consistency in the design. If you buy furniture from multiple sources on your own in a room, what happens? Spend a lot of time looking for the interior models that you like without the previous calculations making the space confusing and losing aesthetics. Moreover, look no style, why not find the Design Unit & complete interior construction to execute your house! 

Johnny Decor is not afraid to design according to customers ‘ wishes. Through 3D drawings on the computer, you will shape the front and construction of the interior more efficiently, saving a lot of time and effort. But it is also the class of the owner. The “flat cardboard” with 1 concept will make the beautiful house synchronized every corner.

Thiết kế phòng khách căn hộ Landmark 81 sang chảnh


Each apartment will be a unique style of the owner. Just express the lifestyle or host class, but also have its own bold mark. True that every dream house will no one be like – which is the necessary element to choose as well as to engage interior designers to meet the needs of the guest? With a full range of architect experts, Johnny Decor is confident to express your high-level interior design with a variety of design styles.

I’m afraid not to use Johnny Decor’s service right now.

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Contact Information

Contact Information

Johnny Decor Company has operated in the field of the modern interior design and construction in Vietnam. We are constantly striving, innovate the beautiful, luxurious architectural patterns as well as smart, modern furniture. For more details, please contact us:

Office of  Construction & Interior Decorations Johnny Limited Company (Johnny Decor)

No 03 Nguyen Van Kinh Street, Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0906 120 012


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